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You can then find out how close they live to you or your loved ones using the mapping capabilities of the i Phone. ___________________________________________OTHER "PEACE OF MIND" PRODUCTS: Please visit I came here for fun, but I know many of you are here to find accurate information that you can use to protect yourself and your families. Also, to the ppl complaining about the sex offender system, almost all sex offenders are repeat offenders. All you can do is make sure they can't hurt more ppl. Also, be sure to checkout our real-time GPS tracking system, EZ Tracker, available on Amazon. Not to mention, I know of two registered sex offenders near me and neither pop up on this map. Well, find another app friends, because you won't get that here.... I'm all for life time ankle bracelets for we'd offenders who ate out of prison. “We must understand we need some heavy artillery.”Leaning in closer she said, “So we mustn't run out of steam. As soon as life slams a modest person against the wall, that modesty will fall off faster than a G-string will fall off a stripper.”We both laughed.“Whenever I’m around some who is modest, I think, ‘run like hell and all of fire,’” she said. I have something to do and I will do that because I’m paying for someone else who has yet to come.”Hours passed, and we talked about heartache and friendship, Thanksgiving plans and her love of country music. We talked about my previous life as a collegiate rower and why I loved working as a reporter. I told her how my parents have always volunteered and how we had just started helping a former co-worker of mine care for his wife, Marian, who had a rare brain aneurysm.Sometimes young women think ‘Dammnnn, I’ve been doing this nine years and I don’t think anything has budged.' But keep plugging away. Get a little success and then just get a little more.”But be kind to yourself, she reminded me. When I thought the interview was done, Angelou informed me it was her time to ask me questions. It’s called locked-in syndrome, where she is aware of her surroundings, but can longer speak.In late December, an attempt to repeal the law failed amid partisan acrimony—but over to repeal the bill, not whether to repeal it.

Please hold your thought until she is finishing speaking. Soon, Angelou admitted she was really a white-wine drinker who had five cases of chardonnay in her cellar.

Lawmakers in Texas, Virginia, and Kentucky have all filed similar bills, reflecting an alternative political calculus on transgender rights.

While the language is slightly different across the bills, they share several essential characteristics: They define biological sex based on an individual’s birth certificate, and then say that people must use public accommodations—especially in public schools—corresponding to that sex. 6, is perhaps the most viable of the bills proposed so far, given GOP majorities in the legislature and Governor Greg Abbott’s previous positive statements about bathroom bills. 2, the bill is designed to preempt local governments from passing their own ordinances governing transgender restrooms, and like that law, it does not affect private businesses.

Even with all the autobiographies, books of poetry, and essays she had already written, and even with the pending publication of there was so much more advice she still wanted to give women.“I wanted to talk more about courage, more about depending on one’s own self,” she told me.

Over the next few hours we talked about Angelou’s early beginnings and later years, about womanhood and life in a prejudicial culture.

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